David Clegg

some projects around walking, reading and listening, in place and out of place

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snatches of overheard conversation from passers-by were transcribed on the backs of photographs made at the time; signals from radio broadcasts, electrical interference and the street impacted on the process; the photographs were returned to their original location on the street and daily reports were filed on failurespace.tumblr.com

failurespace 2011
c-type prints, hand-written text on reverse, CM10.2 x 15.2
images, text, binaural sound recordings on website

project commissioned by David Cross for Iteration:Again, 13 public art projects across Tasmania, produced by Contemporary Art Spaces Tasmania / CAST, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
September 18 to October 16, 2011

supported by CAST, Creative New Zealand and The Australia Council; with special thanks to Eliza Burke, David Cross, Michael Edwards, Sarah Jones, Lucy Rollins

Burke, Eliza Everywhere else but here: revisiting failurespace transmissionspace: David Clegg projects 2006–2012, ST PAUL St Publishing, Auckland and Dunedin Public Art Gallery, Dunedin, 2013

Burke, Eliza David Clegg ‘failurespace’ : Critical Response Iteration:Again, 13 public art projects across Tasmania, CAST, Hobart and Punktum Books, New York, 2013, and Iteration Again

Cross, David David Clegg ‘failurespace’ : Curatorial Statement Iteration:Again, 13 public art projects across Tasmania, CAST, Hobart and Punktum Books, New York, 2013