David Clegg

some projects around walking, reading and listening, in place and out of place

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transmissionspace and the index of atmospheres

the project locates itself between the space of the art gallery and the public space of the park in two overlapping works: transmissionspace combines a series of photographs of the entrances to art galleries in Berlin and Paris, with sound recordings from Paris arcades, broadcast from either side of large windows; the index of atmospheres presents brief elliptical texts repeating a simple scenario – on a given day a museum is visited where a specific artwork is encountered, which then becomes the subject of reflection in a nearby park – the accompanying sound recordings and photographs document different locations in the park where the experience of the encounter continues to restage itself

transmissionspace 2012
two-channel broadcast sound recordings, 76.21 minutes looped
selected c-type prints, CM45.6 x 30.4

the index of atmospheres 2012
A4 sheets with text
selected binaural recordings, via CD player and headphones, variable duration
selected c-type prints, CM30.4 x 20.3
found chairs

paper work, CM42 x 32, 500 copies
image from the index of atmospheres
text by Charlotte Huddleston

commissioned by Charlotte Huddleston for ST PAUL St, AUT University, Auckland, New Zealand
September 20–October 26, 2012

design and print by Index

supported by AUT University and Creative New Zealand; with special thanks to Charlotte Huddleston, Melissa Laing, Vera Mey, Caterina Riva, Jonty Valentine, Blaine Western

Huddleston, Charlotte Look, Listen, transmissionspace: David Clegg projects 2006–2012, ST PAUL St Publishing, Auckland and Dunedin Public Art Gallery, Dunedin, 2013

Huddleston, Charlotte June, July transmissionspace and the index of atmospheres, ST PAUL St, AUT University, Auckland, 2012

Hurrell, John Merging Documentation with Memory EyeContact, 2012


image by Liza Clegg


image courtesy ST PAUL St


image courtesy ST PAUL St